I have helped people find the right job for over 20 years.  I have met and mentored thousands of job-seekers and helped them find their ‘dream job’.  It has been my pleasure to do so.

I’ve also trained lots of people to help others find the right job for them!  I know how important it is to find the right job; a job where you’ll feel happy and fulfilled.  A job where you look forward to going to work and  where, at the end of the working day you feel you’ve achieved something.

Most of us spend more waking time at work earning our living than at home with our loved ones. It is therefore hugely important to make sure that the time we spend at work is enjoyable and satisfying.

The ‘right’ job is the best job for the person at that time. Your aim should be to find a job you love for the reasons that are important to you now and in the future. For example the ‘right’ job for you at this time may be a job:

  • in a particular industry because you have an interest in that industry
  • that is ideal for a ‘return to work’ Mom or Dad who need particular working hours that suit the family. To see children safely to/from school for example
  • that is a ‘next step up the ladder’ type of job for someone who already has their career progressions mapped out for the next few years and this job offers some progression / skills building towards that goal
  • that pays better – recognizes your skills more

It could also be any job that:

  • will help you change careers from one position and skill set to another
  • supports learning and development – perhaps sponsors higher education
  • has an outstanding record for supporting personal development
  • works within a team environment which enables peer-to-peer learning – or just some company while working
  • is within a company with overseas connections and provides an opportunity to work abroad

To find a job you love you need to prepare for your job search. It’s essential to take a moment before you change jobs to ask yourself some questions and list your answers:

  • Why do I want to change?
  • What is it about this job that I want to move away from?
  • What do I want to move towards in a new job?
  • What are the ‘must haves’ in my new job?
  • What are the ‘must not haves’ or ‘deal breakers’?

Companies and businesses exist, of course, to make a profit. When they look to employ someone they will search for a person that will continue to help them move the business forward and help to make it more successful; more profitable. Therefore, when you prepare to go for an interview it’s a really good idea to think about where you, as an employee, have added value to the companies where you have worked before.   Ask yourself these questions and start to get to know your worth to an organization:

  • How has my work impacted on the smooth running of the company?
  • Who was able to do their work better / more quickly / with less cost because of what I did?
  • Is it possible to see how much money I have saved the company because of what I did?
  • If I didn’t do my job well, how did that impact on my company?

When I started my own recruitment company, I had some main goals in mind:

  1. To offer the best possible service to job seekers that would help them find the perfect job for them
  2. To offer the best possible service to our clients that would help them find exactly the right hire for them
  3. To offer my employees a great environment to work in with opportunities to develop their skills
  4. To provide a good lifestyle for myself and family

I’m pleased to say that I have succeeded in all 4 goals.

Working in recruitment and finding ‘the right job’ for people over many years gave me the greatest pleasure. To see people happy and satisfied with their job is extremely rewarding. It’s my intention on this website to share with you all the best tips and advice I have gathered over the years to help you find the best job for you; to find a job you love.

Please share your best job-seeking tips with us here and we will build a greater library of helpful job-seeking advice  that will benefit job seekers everywhere.