Thinking of looking for a new job?  Need some tips on how to nail an interview? You’ve come to the right place!  We’re focused on helping you nail a job!

If you are looking for a new job, you probably know that you might have to attend a few job interviews.   And with high competition, and with employers always looking for the best person, you need to know  how to ace an interview!

Naturally,  most people feel a little stressed when interviewing so you want to be as prepared as possible to avoid any mistakes.

Being totally prepared will help you be totally confident.  You don’t want any possibility of a few nerves robbing you of landing the job you want and you are the perfect fit for.

So, to help you out, here are some tips on how to nail an interview, make a great impression, and land your dream job.

How to Nail an Interview – Before the Interview!

Do Your Research – Preparation is the Key to nailing an interview!

Employers are always really impressed by people who know something about, and are interested in, their business.  The best way to be really knowledgeable about the business is to research the company.  You’ll be streets ahead by studying and learning about the company.

Preparation: Another tip on how to nail an interview!

  • Spend some time reading through the companies website
  • Search the internet for news about the company
  • See how much you can understand about how they do business
  • Call reception and clarify things that you’ve read about the company

Knowing the current events of the company will make you look really smart!

Your interviewer will see that you have genuine interest in the company and that you have done your homework.  That will help you nail an interview!

Study Your Resume – Know It like the Back Of Your Hand

Your resume plays a really important role in any job interview.  In the span of a few pages, you must prove that you are the best person for the job. It doesn’t matter what position you apply for, your resume needs to be really clear and eye-catching to secure you an interview!

Therefore, as a candidate, make sure that your resume

  • Is clearly written with lots of ‘white space’ around the text
  • Is precise and clear about your capabilities and experience
  • Is focused on points that match with the company job specification
  • Is no more than 4 pages long
  • Has key points  on the front page
  • Has contact details easy to find
  • Is impressive and can catch the interest of the employers

Additionally, since everything on your resume will be at the interviewer’s disposal, make sure to study and know every detail like the back of your hand.

Have a copy of the resume with you at interview just to refresh your memory.  Speaking fluently about your previous jobs is one of the best ways you can nail the job interview every single time.

Analyze the Job – Know the Job Description

When you have an interview date, analyze the job description for the post you have applied for.  This will help you understand what the interviewer is looking for.   Again, the more knowledge you have the better to help you nail an interview!

Really important!  Prepare a list of skills you possess that match the position advertised.  Also discuss examples of how you have used those skills in previous jobs and what results you had.

Knowing what results you’ve had before will help the employer feel confident when planning to approve your position in their company.

Prepare an Interview Tool Kit – Build Rapport

Like most things in life,  preparation is the key.  For a successful interview and to give a good first impression, put together a ‘job interview kit.’ This kit will include

  • A copy of your resume
  • Supporting documents (any qualifications)
  • Directions to the office
  • The telephone number of the interviewer
  • A small notepad
  • Your best pen
  • A tissue and anything else you might need to help you ace the interview!

Being totally prepared is such a good way to show the interviewer that you are serious about giving a good impression.

Since we are talking about first impressions, make sure you dress appropriately.  Having a positive attitude and dazzling smile will also help you nail the job interview!  For example, if you are applying for a job at a local bank, it’s probably appropriate to wear a suit or smart pants and a jacket.

Being prepared can include making sure your clothes are clean and pressed the day before the interview.  By the way, do you need a new hair cut or style?  Now could be a good time to help you nail an interview!

How to Nail an Interview – the actual interview

First Impression = Last Impression

Sometimes it’s a close call for employers to choose between two very good candidates for the job.  What you need to do is just be a little bit sharper, smarter, confident and more prepared.  Confidence comes with having knowledge so preparation is the key again here.  You can’t overprepare!

So, to make the best impression possible remember to

  • Dress properly
  • Prepare an interview tool kit
  • Study the company
  • Give a firm handshake is a winner too – even for women
  • Hold the job interview kit professionally
  • Stand straight
  • Enter with confidence.

However, remember to knock the door first, and enter as soon as you are bid – with that winning smile, destined to nail an interview!

How to Nail an Interview with Good Body Language:

  • Sit upright
  • Lean very slightly forward
  • Focus on making eye contact

This will make you look confident even if you don’t feel it!  Direct eye contact is the strongest form of non-verbal communication and will show two key qualities about you, high self-esteem and confidence. This is an important aspect of how to job interview

Once you enter the room, greet the interviewer with a pleasant smile and a firm handshake while making eye contact. Start by asking how they are and make a compliment about the company or perhaps the weather.

Body Language – Be Yourself

Similar to making eye contact, your body language is a huge form of non-verbal communication. It is an indicator that tells the interviewer whether you are unsure of yourself, confident, nervous, or relaxed.

So, in order to nail the job interview, be confident about yourself and your body language to give off a positive vibe to the interviewer.

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Give the interview your full attention – show that you are completely alert.
  3. Keep your mind clear of other things
  4. Speak clearly
  5. Keep your hands in your lap

Let your true self shine and don’t mumble while talking.  Instead, be the person you would want to be looking for when hiring a person for your company!

After the Interview

Follow Up Immediately

During the interview be truthful and enthusiastic.  Show interest in the job and the company.   Before leaving:

  • Thanks the interviewer for their time
  • Find something “really interesting” about what the interviewer discuses with you about th job or company
  • Ask if they have many people interested in the position?
  • Find out when they are planning to get back to you

It’s fine  to demonstrate your desire for getting the call.  When leaving,  make sure to turn once more and say thank you. Once you are home, you can send a handwritten thank you note or perhaps an e-mail and let them know your views about the job and / or company

Simply thank the interviewer again for taking out the time to meet with you and wish them a good day ahead!  Interviewers might well consider this when choosing the perfect person for the job.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above on how to nail an interview, landing your dream job should be a bit easier!  You’ll find more job interview tips and advice all through our website.  There’s interviewing tips and techniques, help with resumes and salary negotiation too.