Great, you have secured yourself a job interview.

From here on out it is likely you are going to be trying to guess the various questions that you will be asked throughout the process, and most likely trying to plan your answers too.

One thing that many people never seem to think about is saying Thank You at the conclusion of the job interview.

Thank you everyone

Honestly, taking the time to say thank you is absolutely vital if you want to show yourself in the best possible light. Let’s take a little look at a couple of methods that you can use.

Of course, the first thing that you are going to want to do is say thank you at the conclusion of the job interview. It doesn’t need to be anything amazing here, just lean over, shake their hand and tell them that you are looking forward to hearing back from them.

Don’t forget to make eye contact here! As you should be more than aware, this is important throughout the whole interview, so don’t let standards slip!

Once you have left that interview, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you could decide to take the easy way out and wait for that phone call. It may come, it may not.

However, this isn’t what employers want to see. They want to see a proactive person who shows that they really care about the job. For that, you need to learn how to send a “thank you note”. Let me explain.

A thank you note, as you can probably guess is just a note you send after the interview thanking them for the wonderful opportunity. You will want to send this letter out within 24 hours for the best effect.

This means sending it their way via email. There are plenty of examples online that you can follow, don’t forget to edit them though to help showcase your ability.

So what should be included in this thank you note? Well, I suggest that you try to expand on a couple of questions that you may have answered, as well as reiterate just how much you want the job (don’t go overboard!).

It is almost like a cover letter, just not as in depth. After all, the interviewer already knows a considerable amount about you already. Finish it off by again saying you look forward to their reply!

Many people believe that they should call the interviewer after the interview, but I don’t feel this is necessary at all. In fact, I find that it comes across as very “needy”. You can put everything that you need within the letter anyway.

Hopefully these tips on learning how to say thank you during a job interview are going to be useful for you.

Honestly, if you bear these in mind they will help you out considerably, and they will certainly put you in a better light than the majority of other candidates who were also interviewed!