Small Business Ideas – Popular Business for First Time Business Owners

Employee TeamWho hasn’t dreamed of the prospect of owning their own company? Perhaps the dream of getting to be your own boss thrills you.

Maybe you love the idea of having an almost limitless income. Maybe you want the freedom of working your own hours.

It doesn’t matter what your reason, we all need to start somewhere right?

In this article I am going to share with you some popular business ideas for those that are just getting started in business. These should hopefully teach you the skills that you need to move onto bigger and better things.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is without a doubt one of the best ideas for anybody looking to crack into business for the first time. The basic idea behind drop shipping is that you list products for sale, whether it is on eBay, your own website or another selling platform.

You then take the money, log-in to your Drop Shipping account and place your order. The product is sent directly to the customer without you even needing to interact with the stock.

The biggest benefit of this method is that you don’t need to purchase a lot of stock upfront, or any at all in fact. This means that you can break into business with very little capital.

Drop shipping is very competitive however, so when you do start selling products it is likely that you will want to expand your business as quickly as possible.

Figure Out Your Skills


Help from Mr. Handyman

It is likely that throughout your life you have picked up a number of skills.

Perhaps you are a dab hand at management, maybe you are a genius programmer, or perhaps you know the best ways to plant flowers.

It doesn’t matter what your talent is, you can put it to good use as a small business. You can go into the consultancy business (or freelance depending on your skills).

There is next to no capital involved in getting started up, but you do need to know how to market yourself properly, and do need to know how to “sell” things.

Thankfully, there is plenty of information out there that will teach you exactly how to do this. Don’t worry, as you get better you will become more confident, and hopefully make more money!

Turn a Hobby into a Business

Why not turn a hobby into a business idea? Do you like making small pieces of jewellery? Do you do a lot of artwork? If so, then why not sell what you create? There is a huge market out there for “handmade products”.

You can either sell them online, or at one of the many markets that are held around your area. Whilst this is unlikely to make you a lot of money, it should hopefully provide you with enough seed money to start up a much larger business project.

Of course, this is just a small smattering of ideas that you can use to start earning money from a small business today. Honestly, if you think long and hard you should be able to generate a fair few more.

The key is to think “unique”, do what you know, and of course it needs to be cheap as it is unlikely that you will have a lot of start-up capital available to you.