The Top 6 Best Jobs For The Future

Do you want a rewarding career that pays well and and is considered to be one of the top 10 fastest growing jobs?  What about a job  that will will have plenty of openings in the next 10 years?  If the answer is Yes! you should consider getting into one of the best jobs for the […]

Money Choise

How to Teach Personal Finance to Teens

Probably one of the biggest complaints from parents about having a teenager is the fact that they are constantly being begged for money. Strangely, many parents end up giving in. Which of course means that their child isn’t learning one of the most important aspects of adult life, learning about personal finance. This could actually […]

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Living and Working in Singapore

Singapore is probably the safest, wealthiest, and most modern city-state in the world. It is a haven for the wealthy, and most international businesses have an office or even a headquarters there. Singapore’s unemployment rate is extremely low at about 2%. It is generally an expensive place to live but there are some affordable options. […]